On-Site Services

Vivian is pleased to offer a number of services to help keep you looking great!

  • Fittings at Your Home or Business
    Vivian's Tailor Shop can come to your place of business or home to make sure you have the perfect fit!
  • Personal Shopping
     Save time by letting Vivian do your wardrobe and accessory shopping for you. Armed with an expert's eye for fashion and design, Vivian will get your shopping done quickly and with style, all "tailored" to your taste and budget.
  • Wardrobe Makeovers
    Depressed by your wardrobe? Let Vivian assess it and help you make the most of it. She will look over your wardrobe and determine which pieces could use alterations and which pieces should be discarded. She'll also advise you on what pieces and accessories you should purchase to achieve an overall fresh look and add new life to your closet.

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